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 Your First Letter To Russian Girl.
So you like a girl and you decide to write to her. What to
start with?
First of all, address her by
her name. Even if you send the
same standard letter to several girls, addressing each one by
her personal name will create an illusion that the girl
considered is the only one you have in mind. Avoid using the
words like "dear", "sweet" and other similar flatteries. Save
them for the later more intimate correspondence.
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Then you should introduce yourself. Any type of correspondence should follow
the conversational model. It is much more comfortable to converse with a
person whom you know than with someone abstract. It is important to begin the
letter with your name and write a few words about who you are, where you are
from, and what your occupion is.
Having covered the basics about yourself, you should again return to addressing
the girl. You must tell her about why you were specifically interested in her. It's
no secret to anyone that there are many times fewer men than girls and women
in the databases of various marriage agencies. Therefore even an illusion of the
fact that you have focused your attention precisely on her, the one from
enormous number of potential candidates, will elicit a feeling of gratitude to you
and a desire to answer. Recall something that actually interested you in her
profile or photograph - just don't write about her breast or legs.
Then write about yourself and about what you can offer her. It's not worthwhile
to pretend modest, but exaggerating your merits in her eyes is also not
recommended. Doing this way may cause the girl feeling inferior in comparison to
you and she may grow shy about associating with you or even afraid of
answering your letter.
You can finish your first letter with a few questions. Ask her something you
would like to learn about her. Questions can be quite various but you should try
to ask them in such a manner that she would be pleased and would not feel
uneasy answering them.
For the particularly "advanced" men, who do not use standard mailings sending
the template to several different addresses, we can suggest reading the very
beginning of the psychological testing results for each specific girl. We provide
there a method of how to attract her and secure her attention. The HI method
individual for different types of personality works not only with a face to face
meetings but also in respect of correspondence.
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