Finnish army test
The idea of the test is very simple. Recruit looks at the list and names the figure that he can
see within a circle. If he can see the figures in all six circles - he is healthy. If the future soldier
can not see the figures in several circles, he should be checked for color blindness. And if the
rookie can not see only one figure in a circle, then he may be able to develop the following
Circle # 1. The increased aggressiveness and conflictness. It is recommended to pay more
attention to contrasting shower, physical exercises.
Circle # 2. Reduced intellect capacity. When serving in the general troops the additional action
is not required.
Circle # 3. Gastonimargia (gluttony). Indicated - increased ration, more physical exercises.
Contraindicated - the sitting work and work in the kitchen.
Circle # 4. Sadism. If in mild form - it is recommended the appointment to teachers staff, if in
severe form - to the disciplinary department.
Circle # 5. The latent (hidden, suppressed) homosexuality. There is an opportunity of
uncontrolled attraction to people of his gender. No action is required.
Circle # 6. Schizophrenia. It is recommended a full inspection of the psychiatrist.
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