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 1. Determine your requests to your future Russian bride.
Try to understand clearly what you want from your relationship with a
Russian woman, your future bride. Set up the priority and choose what
the main criteria of your choice are, what you are ready to give in and
find a compromise variant. Her profession? The knowledge of your
language? Children? Appearance? Something else? In what number
should these qualities be present in your bride? Now try to look at this
image as a whole and think if there are such women at all. Can these
Nice guy at home friendly on the phone
qualities be together in one person? Or are they imcompatible?
2. Think what your ideal woman would want from you
Imagine the portrait of "your" woman. Where and how does she live, what is her
occupation, and what is she interested in? But the main thing is what position a man has
in her life and what she expects from him, what are her criteria of choice. Are you ready
to satisfy her requirements? As well as you do, a girl or a woman has her right to
choose. What are you ready to offer her in exchange for what you want to receive?
Some men think that helping a woman to move to their country is enough to build stable
relationship. There are Ukranian and Russian women who will be led by this motive, but
do you want to have such a wife? If you see that your requirements are unrealistic,
return to the first paragraph, make your requirements less strict and imagine such a girl.
3. Create a virtual image for yourself
People we communicate to at the site are created by our own imagination; their images
are derived from their pictures, profiles and letters. Think of an image of a man who will
be the most attractive for the chosen type of girl. What is this image? Is it sensitive and
spontaneous? Energetic and provoking? Serious and neat? Intellectual and romantic?
When you create your image, show yourself as a person of integrity. Pictures and
answers should not contradict each other and should support one idea. Distance
between the people more often misinforms and puts on guard than attracts. Do not
show all your your virtues all at once. Leave some of them unseen till you have some
more personal contact with a girl. But do not be over-diligent in creating your "portrait".
In spite of artistic stylization it should reflect real significant parts of your Ego.
Otherwise, during your meeting you and the girl will both feel mutual disappointment.
4. Display energy and initiative
There are thousands of profiles online, but waiting for the girl who answers your certain
criteria can take years. Moreover, even the one satisfying all your requirements can fail
other criteria, such as seriousness, honesty etc. The dating sites' databases are
replenished each day. If you like a Russian or Ukrainian girl, either send her a postcard or
letter or give any other sign of attention. The more ladies you grant with your
consideration, the more chances you have to find the lady of your dream. Be attentive,
talk with her about themes that are interesting to her, ask her about her life. Ask your
lady's phone number and call her.
5. Do not give up because of failure.
How many women, beautiful or nice, have you met at work, in the streets, at friends?
How can it happen that you have not met that only one? Have you ever faced the lack
of interest or rudeness? But I suppose, you still hope for a happy meeting, don't you?
Why then after one unsuccessful attempt of virtual acquaintance on a dating site do
you think you are doomed to failure? The search for your second half is a serious and
goal-oriented work. Internet is not a lottery and not a fairy country where wishes come
true by themselves. Internet is a possibility to enlarge a circle of search to the world
level. Many of our clients want to find a Russian bride becuase they see happiness of
their friends who found a wife in Russia. Ask them how serious they were in this. But
what if your search does not result in anything? What if girls do not write to you or you
do not like those ladies who write to you? It means that you direct your charms not on
the women you want or you have chose a wrong image for yourself. Read this
recommendation from the beginning and change your profile. The main thing is not to
give up!
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