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   What Russian Guys Are Made From.
What Russian Women Do Not Like In Russian Males?
According to a questionnaire conducted by the independent Russian statistical agency,
it has finally been found what most
Russian women do not like in Russian males:  
Do not like an idle dream in a man - 95 percent of the women interviewed,
Empty promises - 90,
Indifference to the future - 80,
Laziness - 80,
Stingy - 60,
Greed for money - 55,
Selfishness - 55,
Stupidity - 35,
Snoring - 30,
Baseness towards the woman - 15,
Complacency - 10,
Boastfulness - 10,
Immorality - 10 percent.
What Russian Women Do Not Like In Russian Males?
Russian women are more tolerant to men's "aha" - 8 percent
To drunkenness - 5,
To a lack of money - 3,
To treason - 1 percent of the number of the women interviewed.
Analysts  of this questionnaire have the unpleasant impression that men irritate women 3-4
times more often than men are annoyed from women.
Russian independent statistical agency.
Beloved, bride, wife... Start of a new life, new relationships, new responsibilities. When care
for your future wife, you dear men conquer her soul, her feelings and her thoughts, to seek her
affection to you. Then a woman without fear gives away her body. But this does not mean that
you finally got your big prize, and you can forget about the female soul!
Russian girls or Moscow women are different from other Western women. To know exactly
what Russian ladies like you need to pay attention to these following great tips. Whether
meeting Russian women at the nightclub, in school, or somewhere else, many men have a
hard time on getting their Russian girls on bed.
Bad news, guys: all women know that men want sex. But the good news: you can start doing
things to get a woman into bed faster. It's all a matter of changing your approach.
I used to think on a grand scale, making a mental list of "smart", "responsible", "kind", "true",
"humorous", "ambitious", "adventurous", "attentive", "easy on the rise", "sociable", "livable
"and so on.  And only now I realized what a man I'll never fall in love with and whom could
never live with... With a cynic!
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Lacey 2017-04-08 02:59:40
Great post with lots of imtanport stuff.

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