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A die - From this day
A solis ortu usque ad occasum - From sunrise to sunset
Absque omni exceptione - Without a doubt
Ab imo pectore - With full sincerity, from the soul
Ab hinc - Henceforth
Ad infinitum - Prior to infinity, without end
Ad finem saeculorum - Till the end of time
Ad futuram memoriam - At long memory
Ad manum - Close at hand, within easy reach
Ad memorandum - For memory
Ad multos annos - For many years
Ad usum proprium - For own use
Ad vitam aut culpam - At a lifetime or until the first fault
Aeterna historia - Eternal story
Age quod agis - Make what you're doing 
Inscriptions on wedding rings
Alea iacta est - The die is cast; Irrevocable decision adopted (Julius Caesar)
Alter ego - My double, the other I
Amicus certus in re incerta cernitur - Faithful friend to be learnt in trouble
Amor non est medicabilis herbis - Love is not treated by herbs
Amor omnibus idem - Love is united to all 
Amor tussisque non celantur - Love and a cough can not be hidden
Argumentum ad oculos - A clear proof
Audaces fortuna juvat - Fate assists to brave (Virgil)
Aut bene, aut nihil - Either well, or nothing
Bene sit tibi! - I wish you luck!
Benedicite! - The best of luck!
Bona mente - With good intentions
Bonum factum! - At the benefit and happiness!
Caritas et pax - Respect and peace
Con amore- With love
Consensu omnium - With general agreement
Consortium omnis vitae - Commonwealth for lifelong
De die in diem - Every day
Detur digniori - Let it be given a decentest
Digitus dei est hic! - This is finger of God!
Dixi - Said, all is stated, have nothing to add
Dum spiro, spero - Until breathe - I hope
Ego plus quam feci, facere non possum - More than done, I can not do
Ex animo - From the Soul, from heart
Ex dono - As a gift
Fac fideli sis fidelis - Be faithful to the person who is faithful (to you)
Fata viam invenient - There is no escaping fate
Fiat voluntas tua - Let it be your will
Finis coronat opus -  The end crowns the work
Fortiter ac firmiter - Strong and firm
Gens una sumus - We are one tribe
Grata, rata et accepta - Everything legally and acceptably
Gratulari - Rejoice (over your happiness)
Hoc erat in votis - This has been the subject of my desires
Ibi victoria, ubi concordia - There victory is, where is a consent
In aeternum - Forever
In deposito - At storage
In saecula saeculorum - For centuries
Jure - According to Law (by right)
Liberum arbitrium - Free choice
Lux in tenebris - The light in darkness
Mane et nocte - In the morning and at night
Meliora spero - I hope for the best
Merito fortunae - By a happy occasion
More majorum - According to custom of ancestors
Natura sic voluit - Nature wished so
Ne varietur - To be not to changed
Nil nisi bene - Nothing, except good
Non dubitandum est - There is no doubt
Non multa, sed multum - Not much, but many / Ie not much in quantity, but a lot of value;
  motto of scientists
Non solus - Not single
Nunc est bibendum! - Now we celebrate with feasting
Omnes et singulos - Together and separately
Omnia mea mecum porto - All mine burden with me
Omnia praeclara rara - All perfect are seldom
Omnia vincit amor et noc cedamus amori - Love conquers all, and we are conquered by love
Omnium consensu - With general agreement
Optima fide - With full confidence
Ore uno - Unanimously 
Peccare licet nemini! - Nobody allowed to be sinned 
Per aspera ad astra - Through the thorns to the stars!
Pia causa -Good Cause
Pia desideria - Well-wishes, cherished dream
Placeat diis - If the gods will want
Pro bono publico - For the common good
Pro memoria - For memory, in memory of anything
Pro ut de lege - By the legal way
Probatum est - Approved
Proprio motu - At smb. own request
Quid multis morer? - Why talk?
Quilibet fortunae suae faber - Each himself is a smith of his happiness 
Quod erat demonstrandum - What was required to be proved
Rari quippe boni - Good people are rare
Salva venia - If it will be allowed
Sapienti sat - For understanding is quite enough
Sed semel insanivimus omnes - Once we all have come in mad
Semper idem - Always the same
Semper virens - Eternal youth
Sensus veris - The feeling of spring
Si fata sinant - If the fate (has) willed this
Sic erat in fatis - It was destined 
Sine dubio - Undoubtedly
Sint ut sunt, aut non sint - Let it be as it is, or will not be at all
Sponte sua - On their own, voluntarily
Sponte sua, sine lege - By their own fix
Sua sponte - By their own free will
Sub specie aeternitatis - From the perspective of eternity
Sursum corda! - chins up
Suum cuique - To each his own
Tale quale -  T. Q. without quality assurance
Tantum cognoscitur, quantum diligitur - Discover as mush as much love
Tempus fugit, aeternitas manet - Time flows, eternity is unchangeable 
Tertium non datur - Third not given
Ubi concordia - ibi victoria - Where agreement is - there is a victory
Vale et me ama - Be in good health and love me
Vestra salus - nostra salus - Your good is our benefit
Vires unitae agunt - The forces are acting together
Vive valeque - Live and be healthy
Volente deo - With God's help

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Tags: Marriage
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